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United States
Ed, Edd 'n Eddy Fanatic!❤

Ed, Edd n Eddy Stamp by Stay-Strong EEnE_Ed stamp by Edness-Madness I luv double d stamp by samsmash44
EEnE Stamp by adipotter I Wish I Were An Ed by Danilee3240 Stamp: EEnE - Intro by YukiMizuno
I Love Double D Stamp by Dragara Stamp - SPOON PLEASE by inu-nutfan Edd stamp by Brah-J
FATHERS GARAGE Stamp by RustyFanatic05 Double D- Bitch plz Stamp by Pumpkin-King-Zak Stamp - Edd fan by OldaccountYAMISHIN
ed stamp 1 by Hinataluver99 edd stamp 6 by Hinataluver99 Zappity Zap Ed Stamp by SailorSolar
Ed Edd n Eddy by RandomTons Double D stamp by CosmoAlien EEnE stamp by Edness-Madness
Ed Edd 'n Eddy - 001 by Stamps4Journals Ed edd and Eddy stamp by MarcheTheChaosAngel Ed Edd N Eddy Stamp by Lentertament
Stamp: Ed by RojoRamos Stamp: I Love Eddy by AMX-269 ed stamp 4 by Hinataluver99
A DICKIE stamp by RustyFanatic05 Plank Stamp by Hekima That's My Horse Stamp by Brah-J
90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderland Ed Edd and Eddie - fan stamp by scribblin EEnE Stamp: Surrounded... by YukiMizuno
Ed stamp by SugaryDonutz Edd stamp by SugaryDonutz Eddy stamp by SugaryDonutz
Big Picture Show stamp Renewed by Edness-Madness EEnE Scam of the Century Stamp by Edness-Madness EEnE Jawbreakers Stamp by Edness-Madness
stamp - just friendz lol by SweetEggyRoll Just Another Ed, Edd n Eddy Stamp! by Edness-Madness Ed stamp by ParamourxLights

...Forever ❤

In Love Stamp by PirateLotus-Stock Its Love stamp by AznCeestar Fangirl Stamp by BowChickaBowWow
i'm in love with someone.. by discorave fictional character 2 by dark-dragon-wings homework by dark-dragon-wings
fictional character 1 by dark-dragon-wings dA is... by dark-dragon-wings Loading stamp by Kezel-stamps
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I love you, you idiot stamp by Kezel-stamps I never log out stamp by Kezel-stamps
The Friend Stamp by Busiris Comment or Fav or both by eranashine Not an Airhead by eranashine
Kind of a lot of things by eranashine Thank you even is it's short. by eranashine Music is my Sport Stamp by guitarcraze
Request - Above stereotypes by HarmonicSonic Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 teddy stamp by findyQ Pajama Sam Stamp by Nala15I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Pyjama Days Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius
Everybody Wants Happiness Stamp by mylastel Stamp: Never too Late by Southrobin Starry Stamp by Mel-Rosey
I'm Sorry stamp by HappyStamp Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp Dark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
Ashamed Stamp by Stamp221 Favorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221 Overcrowded Places Stamp by Stamp221
Favorite Scene by Stamp221 Don't we all? by Snuf-Stamps Thanks for Feedback by IceXDragon
Ness Stamp by Gunmetal2005 ILoveNess - Stamp Gift by Yinkie-Chan ILoveLucas - Stamp Gift by Yinkie-Chan
IloveMother - Stamp Gift by Yinkie-Chan Mother3 Wes Dance Stamp by HentekoMekura :.Lucas :heart: Stamp.: by LordOfPastries
EarthBound Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Mother 3 Made me cry by KaziRede MOTHER stamp by Nannotech
I Support Hyper Luke by KaziRede To the Laytonmobile by mande-chan .::Amazing Luke Stamp::. by GiloloxGikoko
Red Stamp by Foxtaru Red by SK-Stamps Pokemon: Red and Counterparts by Vulpixi-Stamps
Stamp - Toon Link Stamp 1 by AnonymousLink stamp :: toon link by kinies -No Thank You Stamp- by CynicalCucco
Music Is My Boyfriend by DaXXe Dance Stamp by DeceptiveDepictions I listen to music while browsing deviantART by DS-DNA
music video by lauren-lovebites We are different, but we together... by DS-DNA Nyan cat in portals by DS-DNA
Hatsune Miku love kiss... by DS-DNA Minecraft fan by DS-DNA Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner
Sarcasm by Dawn-X Accept yourself by Kashouni You must love it by twozard
I Love You Stamp by MissBezz I Love My Friends Stamp by Sugaree33-Art Stamp by Kataang-furuba
The Early Stamp by Busiris The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris Art Geek Stamp by xoxostudios
Pokeshipping Stamp by Niza-Azoru Stamp - Pokeshipping by Pokefan181 1st PokeTrio Stamp by KamisStamps
Misty Fan Stamp by okinsei Cute Rocketshipping Stamp by KamisStamps Kojiro-kun - Young James Stamp by KamisStamps
Satoshi - Ash Stamp by KamisStamps TR motto stamp by azusa-chan Jessie x James stamp - commish by rainbeos
All Nighter RP Stamp by zoshi Wishful Thinking by whispwill Watchers Appreciation (non-DA theme) by RebiValeska
Friends Appreciation (non-DA theme) by RebiValeska Stamp 2 by Omicron- +Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl
hehehehehahaha (remade) by RebiValeska Not My Idea, LOL by RebiValeska HAHAHA.. Wat? by Nana-Beats
Can't Read by SocraticPrince What Can I Say FFFFF by RebiValeska Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone
Time Waster by Shantella So Be It - Stamp by Stamp-Abuse God is real by JonoLucerne
..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-Weasels A Much Needed Stamp by savagebinn DRAMA QUEEN ALLERGY by Shantella
90's Kid -STAMP- by Shantella GEEK -stamp- by Shantella Love too many things by Shantella
Ed, Edd n Eddy stamp by SugaryDonutz Emoticons Stamp by SeviYummy CARTOON Network Stamp by meteored
Billy and Mandy Fan Stamp by RottenKindaCute BillyXMandy Stamp by RottenKindaCute OMFG by Inguac
Billys Nose by quikshadow mandy stamp by generationm Nergal Junior Stamp by RottenKindaCute
Im a Grim Fan by quikshadow Scythe Stamp by Mistress-Blood Dude wheres my car stamp by Inguac
Grim Adv - Misc. characters by Stamps-By-Mephie GAOBAM: B M I Stamp by MammaCarnage Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy : GRIMCAT dance by Galialay
I luv Danny stamp by sketchingserendipity DP stamp by cinyu Danny Stuck in a Stamp by ecokitty
Danny Phantom Stamp by ecokitty Nom Nom Nom Stamp by ecokitty Stamp: DxS by cinyu
I feel Pretty stamp by Inguac Caml lazlo fan stamp by Inguac Chowder x Panini by MadameBordella
Radda Stamp by GeneveveX Kuki x Wally by MadameBordella I miss the old CN by Nidsslamgirl-KND
I Love Classic Nicktoons Stamp by RottenKindaCute Stamp- Hey Arnold Movie by reggiewolfpro Helga and Arnold stamp by ABCreatief
Helga by ovstamps Old School Nick :stamp: by ellstar22 Rocko's Modern Life Stamp 2 by Flapjack-Fiend
Butters- Loo loo loo stamp by Reicheru25 That's Unpossible by seven7h-door SP Chaos Stamp by JLGribble
BBxRae stamp by sketchingserendipity Beast Boy stamp by sketchingserendipity Raven Stamp by Hiddencrying
anti johnny test by naruhinabrazil Teen Titans Go FAIL Stamp by Jailboticus Anti The Problem Solvers Stamp by SoraJayhawk77
Not the Grump Stamp by depp Game Grumps by MintyPepper Grump Stamp by depp

All the junk that I'm into XD ⬇

Hey! If you need some points, go and check out :icondahub:!
They're giving out points for watching, faving, and giving llamas to other deviants!
It's a great way to earn points >w<
You can even get featured by donating them some points~

So visit :icondahub: now! :D


Omg! I'm getting so many favorites all at once XD
I really am thankful to all of you. I appreciate every single favorite and watch that I get :iconawwwplz: I try to thank you individually as often as I can,
but the messages are getting hard to keep up with (My inbox is always cluttered XD), and I don't really have time to go to each of your profiles,
so I thought I'd thank you right here!! :D The attention means a lot to me,
and I thank you all so very sincerely... So thank you!


Dammit! Been tagged >:U
Tagged by StepOnMeAndYouDie

So this is how it goes...


1. You must post the rules.

2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
 (:T ...That sounds like a lot of work..)

6. No tag backs

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

K, let's do dis...

Five things about me~

1) I have two pet birds that no one on dA knows about... and now they do!
2) I always tend to stay awake for hours on the Internet, when the rest of this side of the world is asleep XD
3) I have a slight OCD problem~
4) I could probably watch one of my favorite sad movies/scenes 1,000 times, and still cry ;u;
5) It's for some reason a ritual of mine to go out and watch the sun set, usually with a cup of hot chocolate >w<

Questions meant for me~
-In your opinion is Obama changing the world?
For the worse >_> He's formulating a takeover as we speak! //shot

-Are you a 90's kid? If so please tell me a few of your favorite cartoons from back then?
Ha, you know I am! >: D It's pretty obvious what my favorite shows are/were... Anything Cartoon Network~! Or Nickelodeon

-Why do you think Miley cyrus became the way she is today?
I honestly have no idea. She used to be such a nice girl...

-Are you a Cookies or Cake kind of person?
Cake :3 ...Is it chocolate?

-If you had one chance to meet any kind of celebrity in the world who would it be?
Pssshh... I dunno... Not like they'd care anyway XD

-Who was your favorite Sesame street monster from back then? Why?
I never really watched it that much, but I'd have to say Cookie Monster ^-^

-Our world is facing World hunger right now. Tell me something you would do to solve it if you had the resources.
Tough question... *ahem*
Let them eat cake.

-Name me something on the left of you right now.
<.< ... :T ..The wall.

-Who is your favorite Family Guy character? Why?
Stewie and I dunno~ :P Not a huge fan of the show, actually...
Episodes have gone downhill..

Questions for the Tagged!~

-What is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
Say you had a day to do whatever you want, what would you do?

-What's the best thing you remember from your childhood?

-What's your favorite show? And what would have to happen to make you quit it?

-What is your dream job?

-If you had a time machine, would you go back in time to change anything?

My Victims~ >:3

:icondezymax: DEZYMAX
:iconscribbleprincess56: ScribblePrincess56   (Sorry guys XD)
:iconkkman57: kkman57
:iconsautelegend: SauteLegend
:iconhurricane436: Hurricane436
:iconbloodred739: bloodred739
:iconghost-occult: Ghost-Occult
:iconkonokokurosaki: konokokurosaki
:iconrandomsouthparkstuff: Randomsouthparkstuff
:iconnatronick: Natronick


:iconilavplz: Omfg. His. Laugh~~❤❤❤
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Maria Mena's "You're The Only One"
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching:
  • Playing: Pokémon Yellow
  • Eating: Jawbreakers
  • Drinking: Frappuccinos~

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I'm not asking for much, just 1 or 2 points ^-^
:iconbegplz: and just for being a sweetheart❤ :iconbegplz:
I would love to be able to donate to other artists who
I think deserve more points ^-^

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