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The Judge has arrived by LoveMySockhead12
The Judge has arrived
Enough butt-fucking for now--
I think I'll have s'more OFF
Thank you :iconbatterplz:


Look how cute this thing is- :iconoffjudgeplz:
It's just a joke! by LoveMySockhead12
It's just a joke!
'Kay DeviantArt,
I already know this isn't okay,

...I don't actually have an excuse.
But it's been brought to my attention, yeah?
That people seem to like to make nsfw stuff involving these two young boys,
I'm probably no exception,
and it's totally true.
So I wanted to poke fun at their apparent horny-ness.

In actuality this would hurt like Hell and he would not be smiling.

...At least I censored it,
pffnevermind :iconmingplz:
I am a terrible human being.

Lo and behold,
a part 2-
Hold Still... by LoveMySockhead12
Hold Still...
We're gonna ruin the sheets...
Slobber slobber slobber

This kinda stuff's more fun than really fluffy, innocent stuff❤
Gonna go ahead and put up the mature warning(??

Goddammit why does Lucas always end up on the left


Reminds me of the song "Raging Fire" by Phillip Phillips…
Edd (Double D) x Reader
Chapter 8

Originally by: scv25~~~and Continued by: LoveMySockhead12


You sighed and tucked a few fly-away strands of hair behind your ear. You mulled over the day's events in your mind for about the fiftieth time tonight, as a small grin formed once more.
Slowly closing your diary, you then leaned over and placed it on your nightstand, tossing the pencil into the top drawer. You folded your arms behind your head and sunk into your pillow, staring up at the ceiling.

Your eyes fluttered open at the sound of a soft knock at your bedroom door. Looking at the clock, you noticed that only a few minutes had passed. Kicking off your sheets, your feet hit the floor and you absent-mindedly made way for the door. Opening it you were met with your sister Nazz's beaming face. She was clad in a light-purple nightgown, a lazily thrown together bun atop her head.

"Okay, what happened, (Y/N)?"
She giggled,
"I bet I could guess..."

You smiled fondly and gently nudged her shoulder as you turned, throwing yourself onto your mattress.
"It was nothing, really..."
Failing to suppress your giggles, you watched as she laid down next to you.

"Anything that made you this giddy all of the sudden isn't nothing,"
She sat up and smiled down at you,
"So when're you asking him out?"

You burst out laughing, slightly taken aback by her bluntness, and sat up yourself.
"What? I'm not just gonna.. ask him out."

"Well why not?" She cocked her head to the side a bit,
"If you're waiting for him to make the first move, you're wasting your time..."

You smirked, "Since when is this any of your business, hm?"

Nazz stood, and answered simply, "My baby sis is growing up, and I'm gonna be there to help her out! Maybe with me by your side, you won't make such a big fool of yourse--"
The side of her face was suddenly met with that of a pillow being slung at her, the impact making her lose her balance.

"I can handle myself, thanks."

She looked to you in shock for only a moment, her hair now slightly frazzled.
Then swiftly, she snagged the other pillow from your bed and hopped onto the mattress. Her grin was menacing.
"Just admit you love him!"

"I don't love--" She swung the pillow into the back of your head, messing your hair all up.

"Say it!"

You narrowed your eyes and aimed at her feet. Knocking her legs out from under her, she flopped back down onto the bed, squeaking in surprise.
"I'm not saying anything until I'm sure!"

"..Fair enough.
But tomorrow, you're walking with him to school.
Better get to sleep! Gotta wake up nice and early!" She sang.

"Wait--!" You laughed, watching her skip across the floor from the corner of your eye.

Before you could object, she was already at the door.
"Goodnight, (Y/N)!" She slipped into the hallway, preparing to close the door behind her.


"Yes?" She perked slightly, poking her head back into the room.

"...Don't tell Mom about that note from the Principal..."

------------------ To Be Continued...
Edd (Double D) x Reader Chapter 8: Part 2
I have no excuse.
No excuse whatsoever.

But man,
you guys are wearing me out... I decided to just force myself to do it since I obviously wasn't gonna just
/do it/

I am so sorry, guys...

Cover art by :iconghost-occult:
EEnE(c)Danny Antonucci
Crushin' by LoveMySockhead12
"Hi! I think you're kinda cute.."
"...y-you do?"
"But... y-you're a boy.."
"Well.. what's the matter with that?"

This is so cutesy and cliché that it hurt to draw.
I was doin' the flower and I was like, hhhnnnggfffff--

But quite honestly, I'm runnin' outta stuff I'm actually able to maybe pull off,
and you guys won't let me stop drawing these two, not that I could anyway, dammit.
But Valentine's Day is coming up...



LoveMySockhead12's Profile Picture
The girl of your dreams, bby❤
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United States
(ID by Awolnathan ❤)
Hello~ My name is Savannah, but you can call me Savvy, or whatever, I don't really mind.. Though "Socky" or "Sockhead" seem to be popular nicknames.
I make art,
I suck in general,
that's about it.
I adore making friends, so if you'd like to just come around and randomly say hi, that's fine with me! Y'know, we could talk about all kinds of dumb fandoms and stuff..

Anywho, Welcome to my page!
Be warned: There are hearts.. everywhere.

THESE ARE MIEN DEAREST LOVELIES~ Ushudprollywatchthem,m8
:iconscribbleprincess57: :iconxxsuperduckxx: :iconronaldcoltd: :icondezymax: :iconbluepegasister: :icontoonlink682: :iconsil3ntlyartistic:
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and this chick> :iconpsijune::heart: is my soulsister :iconlucasrapefaceplz:
Go watch her right now, her stuff is adorable (andwaybetterthanmine)
What are you still doing here? Go,

I'll smuggle more people onto my list later... :iconxcraiplz: uguisearetehbest
If you're not listed, that probably just means we don't talk much...
It doesn't mean you're not my friend❤


It's time for a shit load of stamps!

Its Love stamp by AznCeestar Love my Friends by SparDanger I heart HORROR games by RebiValeska
Music Stamp by aries95a Mumford and Sons stamp by ItSmellsLikeIrony Music Stamp by ladieoffical
Fangirl Stamp by BowChickaBowWow i'm in love with someone.. by discorave fictional character 2 by dark-dragon-wings
homework by dark-dragon-wings dA is... by dark-dragon-wings Loading stamp by Kezel-stamps
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I love you, you idiot stamp by Kezel-stamps I never log out stamp by Kezel-stamps
The Friend Stamp by Busiris Comment or Fav or both by eranashine Not an Airhead by eranashine
Kind of a lot of things by eranashine Thank you even is it's short. by eranashine Music is my Sport Stamp by guitarcraze
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Pajama Sam Stamp by Nala15I love to write Stamp by HappyStamp Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ
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EarthBound Stamp by Teeter-Echidna MOTHER stamp by Nannotech
I love kawaii by prosaix Sleepy Lucas stamp by Luishi17 Mother 3-Stamp by pokegirl5000
Dancing Ness Stamp by StaniaMarsh Lucas Stamp by yukidarkfan Ness Stamp by yukidarkfan
Lucas X Ness Plz Stamp by Squiggypie1445 Claus support by AngeltheKitsune Ness X Paula Stamp by Olympia-The-Hedgehog
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Lesson Learned... by ImFeelingStampity The thoughtfull stamp by FlamingKhHeart Plan B by Foxxie-Chan
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looking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz LittleHouseOfMorons Stamp 2 by BreeBones Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume
Ed, Edd n Eddy stamp by SugaryDonutz Emoticons Stamp by SeviYummy CARTOON Network Stamp by meteored
Billy and Mandy Fan Stamp by RottenKindaCute BillyXMandy Stamp by RottenKindaCute OMFG by Inguac
Billys Nose by quikshadow mandy stamp by generationm Nergal Junior Stamp by RottenKindaCute
Im a Grim Fan by quikshadow Scythe Stamp by Mistress-Blood Dude wheres my car stamp by Inguac
Grim Adv - Misc. characters by Stamps-By-Mephie GAOBAM: B M I Stamp by MammaCarnage Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy : GRIMCAT dance by Galialay
I luv Danny stamp by sketchingserendipity DP stamp by cinyu Danny Stuck in a Stamp by ecokitty
Danny Phantom Stamp by ecokitty Nom Nom Nom Stamp by ecokitty Stamp: DxS by cinyu
SP Chaos Stamp by JLGribble That's Unpossible by seven7h-door I Support Tweek's Twitches-SP by TechnoRaverCall

And in case you're wondering, Yes, I do roleplays~
Feel free to ask me, and I'd love to join you!
I'm pretty much open to anything, except
fetish roleplays, or anything nsfw...
depending on the circumstances. Sorry.

Or if you want to do an Art Trade, ask me about those too.
About Requests, those are only open to friends at this time..
The same rules apply; nothing fetish related, please. :icondogestareplz:
*goddammit mustIrepeatmyself*

I hate the Problem Solverz... so. much... :iconjustwhyplz:



All the junk that I'm into ⬇ :icondanceoflifeplz:
I found someone on Colors! who is actually straight copying tracing my shit.
The first one I came across of theirs-
was obviously taken from this-…

At first I didn't know whether to be sort of /flattered/ or angry that they literally stole directly from me without asking,
but when I looked at their Gallery,…,
I noticed that /they've done it multiple times behind my back/.
I didn't even know they existed until I found a painting amongst others tagged "#hearts"
They just kind of,
snuck their asses onto my page every so often I guess.

Now I'm not one to get pissed very much,
but I'm a tiny bit unnerved right now.. :iconsryyea:

How should I confront this behemoth?

**Edit: Okay, they have apologized,
..aaand said it was their sister, whilst referring to me as 'sweet Lucifer.'
They've been very mature about the situation and deleted the artworks without fuss and we've moved on about our day.
Calm down yous guiz :iconreactionplz:

//continues to overreact with you//
  • Listening to: Chris Daughtry's "High Above The Ground"
  • Reading: Whatever's on the bookshelf
  • Watching: The ceiling
  • Playing: "Off"
  • Eating: Muffins
  • Drinking: Frappuccinos❤

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